Parnassus is a popular mountain destination with a large number of hotels, hostels, rooms to letwith fireplace for your stay in Parnassus as well as restaurants, cafes and bars that offer high quality services to the visitor. The hotels and hostels that you will meet in Parnassus are of various categories and can satisfy a wide variety of preferences and needs of their guests with great success.


Parnassos is a mountain with alpine dynamism and ancient history. Geographically it belongs to the prefectures of Boeotia, Fthiotida and Fokida.

Since the prehistoric years it has an energy that will magnetize you. In this mountain the gods, nymphs, prophets and common mortals lived.

Its highest peak is Liakoura 2457 meters. Likoreia is an ancient town on the tops of Parnassus. Back then the ark of Deucalion and Pyrras, who gave birth to the Greek, the Hellenes,was in Liakoura. The name Parnassus is pre-Hellenistic and brings us to the depths of time before 2000 BC.

Its rare natural environment, dense vegetation on its slopes and the paths in the fir forest of Parnassus create a magnificent landscape that will charm you all the time.

The western side of the mountain is overgrown, while easternmost you can find its high and steep sides. To the west, it is separated from Giona via the road Lamia-Gravia-Amfissa, east crossed by the old national road Bralos, south bounded by the road Livadia-Arachova-Delphi and finally from the North is connected to Arahova-Eptalofos-Lilaia road.

Parnassus is a pole of attraction for thousands of visitors every year, since its Ski Centers are one of the most organized, with a high service and glamor that reaches out to the outside.

It started in 1976 – 1977 and since then has literally changed the economic and social form of the surrounding area. Arachova, Delphi, Agoriani, Polydrosos, Itea and generally the areas that touch the mountain range of Parnassus have gained great economic value.

On the northern side of Parnassus is the Parnassus ski resort, which extends to two parts, Fterolakka and Kelaria, which are connected by road and by cable car.

On the southern slopes of the mountain is Gerontovrachos, which is the first chronologically organized center of Parnassus. It started its operation in 1976 while it was a private initiative that opened the way for the main ski center to be created by EOT and ultimately to make Parnassus and the surrounding area the main winter destination of the Athenians.

The snow starts in the first ten days of December, when the center opens until April 30th. It is snowing during December and January and February with SW or NW wind, while March and April usually with NE wind. Parnassus ski resorts are connected with a dense network of roads that are constantly being cleared from the snow in order to ensure safe access to thousands of skiers and visitors.

There are also many mountain trails scattered all over the mountain, while the western side of the mountain crosses the European long-distance trail, known as the E4.

In addition to skiing in the mountain of Parnassus, you can take strolls in the fir forest, mountaineering, hiking, cycling and other interesting activities that will keep you alert.

The National Forest,that was founded in 1938,is famous in Parnassusand is one of the oldest in Greece along with that of Olympus. It is located at the borders of the prefectures of Boeotia and Fokida and occupies about 36.000 acres.

In Parnassus there are lodgings, stone guesthouses to make your stay unforgettable, as well as taverns to taste the traditional kontosouvli and kokoretsi from the traditional gypsy trees of Parnassus, along with the fresh air that spreads the fir forest.

The scenery that Parnassus offers is unique. On top of it you can see the contrast, the utilization of some points of the mountain and the wild untouched beauty of others. The view of the mountain to the west towards the Corinthian, the Krisaian field and the Giona mountain range is admirable.

EptalofosAgoriani of Parnassus

Agoriani is a mountainous village on the northwest side of Parnassus. It is built at an altitude of 900 meters over seven hills, from which it has its modern name Eptalofos.

Eptalofos is 22 km from Arachova, 18 km from Parnassus ski resort and 198 km from Athens.

The village is drowned in greenery amongst plane trees, cherry trees, elms, ancient fir trees and many springs and waterfalls with crystal clear waters, stone cobblestone streets that make up a unique scenery of rare beauty.

Agoriani is an ideal destination for fresh air and relaxation as well as for excursions to Parnassus and the surrounding area.

According to mythology, the Fairies and the Muses danced in this village for the sake of God Apollo.

Agoriani or Eptalofos has a great history besides natural wealth. The village was a refuge of the Byzantine Emperors of Komnenos, but also the homeland of the chieftains and fighters of 1821, Theodoros, Komna and Stamati Traka.

Agoriani has a very good climate, with cool summer and heavy winter with many snowfall. The village is suitable for those who love tranquility and winter sports.

In addition to the rare natural beauty of Agoriani, it has a very interesting fauna. In the village the man lives in great harmony with the bark, the partridge and the eagle. It is a rapidly growing winter destination as it combines panoramic views of Kallidromos and the plain of Lilaia while at the same time it is a breath away from the Parnassus ski center and just 2 hours from Athens.

The village is suitable for alternative tourism activities such as skiing, hiking, mountaineering, mountain biking etc.

In Agoriani or Eptalofos you will find beautiful guesthouses, hotels, rooms to rent for a pleasant and relaxing stay as well as taverns and restaurants to enjoy the delicious food cooked with traditional recipes and local ingredients.

Local Flavors & Products

Enjoy delicious specialties and delicacies such as the delicious kontotsouvli and the kokoretsi from the traditional sheeps of Parnassus, the taverns and restaurants of the area. Local cuisine is particularly rich and will satisfy even the most demanding.

Agoriani is known for its traditional products such as beans that have received silver medal at the International Fair of Thessaloniki, tomatoes, excellent honey, tea, cherries, walnuts, apple fillets and the famous cheese products.

Cultural events

In the municipality of Parnassus there are many religious-cultural events such as Lambris, Ascension, the Twelve Days (including the carols, the Christopsomo and the Cross of the Epiphany), the Imerominia, the Vlach Wedding, etc.

A special festive atmosphere gives the municipality the Carnaval celebration. The celebration starts on Tsiknopempti with masquerades, on Sunday the Vlach Wedding starts with traditional music, while on Kathara Deftera traditional food is offered.

During the summer months, cultural events take place.